comics for yoursite

Use comics in your landing page

We worked very hard on opening our web site...

There're few people to visit our site.

They stay very short.

There're many other sites similar to ours.

Hey! I have a solution!!

That's "Web Comic".

Wait a minute, grown-ups don't read comics.

Yes!! They do.
The people in their 50's & 60's were really into comics,like "astro boy" when they were young.

Comic is amedia which is accepted by all the generation.

There are comic books published for children, boys, girls, business people.

But people aren't willing to read any comic books.

That's true...

So,we make up a scenario.

That makes comics more attractive and touch a chord with many readers.

We interview our customers and make up a scenario.

Each business person has their own story,philosophy,ideal.

Web comic can be used on cell phone on internet and printed.

You can give printings to your customers.

When we use photos,they might give information which you don't need.

Why don't you illustrate?


This doesn't make sense.

With a photo and statements... it's not fun,not easy to understand.

So, "comic" is effective!

With an illustration and lines we understand very easily.

I'm going to sell.


Good luck!!

On an illustration , you're just a smiley running boy.

Comic makes you a sales person with full of energy.

Comics are not boring,fun,easy to understand.

Customers accept them easily.

We can translate the line into other languages.

Advantage of "web comics"

*the rate of conversion raised

*the staying time becomes longer

*the rate that visiters look at the first page and leave, will fall.

And we can change the designs of characters depends on the purchasers.

for example,
*for family
*for girls

*girl's comics style

the procedures

*make a story

so, we need a few weeks to finish.

Please call or send us e-mail.

We have a wide variety for your budget.

Web comics? comics on paper? both?

we have some interviews and meetings.

We make a scenario.

rough drawing


Feel free to give us a call or mail to systec !!